Staple Howe, West Hesterton, North Yorkshire

Staple Howe – West Hesterton, North Yorkshire

“This small farmstead was established on top of the small chalk hills on the northern edge of the Yorkshire Wolds. The chosen site was a good defensive position with a level oval shaped platform about 54.7m long and 12.2m wide. A timber stockade encircled the site which at first contained a single oval hut 9.1m long and 6.1m accross; probably contructed of chalk rubble walls and a thatched gabled roof. Inside the dwelling were the remains of a hearth and clay oven. At a later date, two other huts were constructed, and also one small square structure placed on the highest point of the enclosure, that may have been used as a granary. The round huts were constructed of timber post walls each having a central load bearing support for their conical thatched roofs. Both dwellings appear to have south east facing porches, and the one at the western end of the enclosure had a diameter of 9.1m. On excavation, large amounts of burnt grain, animal bones, (both wild and domesticated), bone gorges for fishing, pottery, iron and bronze objects were found on the farm site.” Understanding the Countryside – Ron Scholes.

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