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Kilgram Bridge Ford

Kilgram bridge itself is of known ancient construction, and is believed to date from the early 12th century – probably built around 1145 AD by the Cistercian Monks who founded Jervaulx Abbey nearby. Local myth tells how the bridge was built by the Devil after a pact made with the local population. Kilgram Bridge is first mentioned in literature in 1301, however Kevin Cale, in his assessment of the bridge suggests an early 12th century date to be appropriate (4).

Barnard Castle Roman Ford

The ford is located some 150 metres upstream of the road bridge to Barnard Castle across the river Tees. It appears to cross the Tees at a diagonal to the river, joining the northern bank approximately at the point matching the location of the modern weir. A relatively large section of the ford is still visible, covering an area of approximately 10m by 3m. It is highly likely that more of the ford still survives, and is simply buried under the river deposited stones.

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