Category: Castle

Snape Castle

Snape Castle, located in North Yorkshire, played a pivotal role during this turbulent period. It was the residence of Catherine Parr, who would later become the sixth wife of King Henry VIII, and her husband, John Neville, 3rd Baron Latimer.

Middleham Castle

Middleham Castle, with its deep historical roots and architectural grandeur, stands as a remarkable testament to England’s medieval past. Built in the 12th century, the castle’s massive keep is one of the largest in the country and served as a formidable statement of power and prestige.

Tamworth Castle

Tamworth Castle, has known origins that trace back to Anglo-Saxon times when it served as a residence for the Mercian kings. The castle’s strategic importance was highlighted during the Viking invasions, leading to its abandonment.

Castle Bolton

Bolton Castle, an ancient fortress located in the heart of Wensleydale, Yorkshire, stands as a testament to medieval architecture and the Scrope family’s legacy.

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