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Mitchell Laithes Farm Ring Cairn and burial complex, Ossett, West Yorkshire

The Bronze Age discoveries in Mitchell Laithes Farm, Ossett, West Yorkshire, offer an important glimpse into the region’s ancient past. Archaeological appraisals, particularly the one conducted in 2007 at Mitchell Laithes Rye Royds, have unearthed evidence of short episodes of occupation dating back to 3500-2000 BC.

Bowbridge Lane Late Bronze Age burial site, Catterick

The excavation on the northern side of Bowbridge Lane as part of the A1 expansion revealed a significant archaeological site, with features indicative of Late Bronze Age funerary practices.

Marne Barracks Neolithic palisaded enclosure

The recent discovery at Catterick has unveiled a significant Late Neolithic palisaded enclosure, shedding light on the prehistoric landscape of North Yorkshire. Excavations revealed two concentric sub-circular palisades, with the outermost having a diameter of up to 200 meters and the inner one measuring approximately 175 meters in diameter.

Little Meg Stone Circle

An image of a carved rock, part of the Little Meg stone circle in Cumbria. Part of a site report on

Little Meg Stone Circle, also known as Maughanby Circle, is a small and ancient monument located near the village of Little Salkeld in Cumbria, England. It consists of eleven large kerb stones that probably surrounded a Bronze Age kerb cairn, a type of burial mound

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