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Syncretism through the ages

Syncretism, the amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought, has its roots in the ancient world.

Flora and Fauna associated with Brighid

An introduction to the plant and animal life associated with the Goddess Brigantia.

The Goddess Brigantia – The ‘Exalted One’

Historical Background On The ‘Exalted One’ Tina Deegan Brigit was one of the most popular, and widely worshipped, goddesses of the Celtic-speaking peoples. Brigit, which is Old Irish for “The Exalted One”, is just one of the variant spellings for this native goddess. Her name can also be spelt as Brighit, Briid and Brigid. Caesar …

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Celtic Religion and Beliefs

The Iron Age Celts, who flourished from around 700 BCE to 400 CE, held a polytheistic belief system with a pantheon of gods and goddesses. They believed in the sanctity of the natural world, with certain landscapes such as groves, springs, and river sources being considered sacred.

Celtic Gods

Many Celtic deities seem to have been associated with aspects of nature and worshipped in sacred groves. Some appear in all Celtic areas while others have purely local significance.

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