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Boadicea, also known as Boudica, was a queen of the Iceni tribe, a Celtic tribe that lived in what is now Eastern England.


The Iceni tribe, known in Latin as Icēnī, was a powerful and significant group during the Iron Age and early Roman era in what is now eastern Britain.

Celts through Roman Eyes

To the Romans, the Celts presented a terrifying sight because of their tall stature and their strange appearance.

Celtic Industry

To look upon the tribes of Britain as just a bunch of savages is totally erroneous. Each tribe had thriving industries based on manufactured goods. Whether these goods were made in the homes of individual families, or in group workshops. The products of Celtic craftspeople were just as stunning as any Roman artefact.

Background – The Celts

The Celts (Greek ‘Keltoi’) were an Indo-European people originating in the Alps. Their first known territory was in Central Europe around 1200 BC in the upper Danube, the Alps and parts of France and southern Germany.

Celtic Religion and Beliefs

The Iron Age Celts, who flourished from around 700 BCE to 400 CE, held a polytheistic belief system with a pantheon of gods and goddesses. They believed in the sanctity of the natural world, with certain landscapes such as groves, springs, and river sources being considered sacred.

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