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Brigantes Nation is a website for people interested in researching the Ancient Tribe of the Brigantes based in Northern England. However that primary research focus has expanded over the years to include other related topics including the very earliest of the prehistoric sites of the area, comparative studies based in order areas, Vitrified forts and many other aspects of British history and prehistory.

This site is two sites in one, for none members there is access to our main research pages which in some cases includes walking guides covering some of our greatest ancient sites.

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Near Moor, North Yorkshire

Rock Art on Near Moor Site Notes For all my Grid Reference i give are from Ordnance Survey outdoor leisure 26 map ”North York Moors” western area. At SE48090 98917 this Neolithic Pointer lay’s close to a Bronze Age Field System. I have explored this area several times and find that much more time is …

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Yorkshire’s “Sacred Vale” – The Dawn of Brigantia

The “Sacred” Vale of Mowbray – Brigantia’s Neolithic Capital? More than 2,000 years before the discovery and widespread use of Iron an unprecedented bout of monument building in the centre of Brigantia created the Britain’s largest religious monument complex, a place that has been suggested as being Britain’s religious capital during the Neolithic Period. Whatever …

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Hutton Moor Henge, North Yorkshire

  Hutton Moor Henge, North Yorkshire. Hutton Moor Henge, Photo by Ray Selkirk Image Gallery Upload your photo’s for the site here  

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The Kingdom of Venutius

The Kingdom of Venutius – Brigantia – AD 69 “Inspired by these differences between the Roman forces and by the many rumours of civil was that reached them, the britons plucked up courage under the leadership of Venutius, who, in addition to his own natural spirit and hatred of the Roman name, was fired by …

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