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Castlerigg stone circle is one of the oldest and most scenic megalithic monuments in Britain, dating back to the late Neolithic period, around 3000 BC (English Heritage, n.d.). It consists of 38 stones arranged in a flattened circle, with a rectangular enclosure of 10 stones inside it. The circle is located on a plateau near Keswick, Cumbria, overlooking the Thirlmere Valley and surrounded by the mountains of Helvellyn and High Seat. The purpose and function of the stone circle are not fully understood, but it may have served as a meeting place, a trading centre, or a religious site for the Neolithic communities in the Lake District (English Heritage, n.d.). The site has also been associated with astronomical alignments, although there is no conclusive evidence for this (Wikipedia, 2021). Castlerigg stone circle is a remarkable example of the megalithic tradition that flourished in Britain and Brittany between 3200 BC and 2500 BC, and reflects the cultural and social complexity of the early farmers who built it (Archaeology Magazine, 2020).


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