Brigantes Nation is a website for people interested in researching the Ancient Tribe of the Brigantes based in Northern England. However, that primary research focus has expanded over the years to include other related topics including the very earliest of the prehistoric sites of the area, comparative studies based in order areas, vitrified forts, stone head and many other aspects of British history and prehistory.

A particularly recent change has been my decision to include a greater focus on post Roman history, right up to modern times, in order that we can see how the Brigantia of current times got to be what it is. The idea being that we should be able to look at a church, and use what is left for us as evidence, to trace back that site’s ritual history to as close to its origins as possible. Now that it can be confirmed that Celtic heads have been found in prehistoric context’s, for example, we can build a typology that may well indicate common archetypes replicated in localised beliefs.

Another change that I’m going to make, is that I will make a lot more of my research content public, and in so doing, the pure archaeology aspect of the site will be broadened to include more conjectural aspects related to beliefs and myths that have been passed down by more oral traditions, and also in secret.

Other changes include my decision to publish my book, Henge Capital of Britain here, in full, and for free. And also, I now include a fantasy section where I will write a fictional story of Brigantia, to help my own understanding of how life back then may have been lived.

There is, as always, the option to join and contribute in my search for Brigantia. Members can add their own sites, finds, or additional support materials for existing pages, such as photo’s and site visit reports.

There are also forums for discussion relating to now, any aspect of Brigantia, from any period, plus, anything else from elsewhere that might help inform our search for our past.

I hope you like the changes!



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