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Piercebridge Roman Fort and Vicus

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The fort at Piercebridge guarded access to the Main north-south crossing of the River Tees in Roman times, a sizeable vicus grew up on it’s eastern side towards the earliest crossing point.

Piercebridge Roman Bridge

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The Roman road from York to the North of England crossed the river Tees at this point. Portions of masonry that where interpreted as a Roman bridge were found in 1972 in advance of gravel quarrying.

Rey Cross Roman Marching Camp

Rey Cross is one of the largest marching camps known in Britain, it is large enough to hold more thasn two legions (and therefore did) and has been dated to c. 71 A.D.

Greta Bridge Roman Fort

The fort lies between the River Greta and the Tutta Beck, just south of their junction, while the Rom,an Road skirts its northern edge, of which vestiges still remain in the gardens of the houses there.

Barnard Castle Roman Ford

The ford is located some 150 metres upstream of the road bridge to Barnard Castle across the river Tees. It appears to cross the Tees at a diagonal to the river, joining the northern bank approximately at the point matching the location of the modern weir. A relatively large section of the ford is still visible, covering an area of approximately 10m by 3m. It is highly likely that more of the ford still survives, and is simply buried under the river deposited stones.

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