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Little Meg Stone Circle, also known as Maughanby Circle, is a small and ancient monument located near the village of Little Salkeld in Cumbria, England. It consists of eleven large kerb stones that probably surrounded a Bronze Age kerb cairn, a type of burial mound (Visit Cumbria, n.d.). The circle is about 18 feet in diameter and the tallest stone is about 1.3 meters high. One of the stones has some geometrical carvings, including a spiral and five concentric circles, which are rare examples of rock art in Cumbria (Wikipedia, 2021). Another decorated stone was removed from the site in the past. The circle is situated about 650 meters north-east of the more famous Long Meg and Her Daughters, the largest stone circle in Cumbria, and forms part of a complex of stone circles and cairns in the area (Ancient Scotland, n.d.). The circle was first discovered in the mid-nineteenth century, when a mound covering the stones was partially cleared away. Bones, charcoal and a coarse pot were found buried in a cist at the centre of the circle (Wikipedia, 2021). The original position and function of the stones are unclear, as they may have been disturbed or pushed over before or after the construction of the mound. The circle may have been aligned with other nearby monuments or with astronomical phenomena, but this is also uncertain. Little Meg Stone Circle is an intriguing and mysterious site that offers a glimpse into the prehistoric culture and beliefs of its builders.


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