Location: north-derbyshire

Mam Tor Hill Fort

Despite is unusually high position, this fort contains traces of a number of huts, and on investigation these have yielded plentiful pottery, as well as charcoal giving a surprisingly early radio carbon date

Castle Naze Hill Fort

This is a promontory fort of probable Iron Age date. It uses the natural cliffs of the hill that it stands to protect its northern and western sides. It is triangular in form, and in order to protect its south eastern face, a very impressive double rampart of possibly later Iron Age construction has been thrown up.

Carl Wark Hill Fort

This is a hill fort of unproven origin, best thought to be Iron or Dark age in date. Bronze age artifacts are also close by and show a long general occupation of the area. The primary purpose for this visit was to investigate the possibility that it was used by the Brigantes during the period of Cartimandua and if so to try to assess its role between 43 and 70 AD.

North Derbyshire

In the county of Derbyshire

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