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St Mary Magdalen the Leper Chapel Ripon

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The Chapel of St Mary Magdalen in Ripon, was founded by Archbishop Thurstan in the 12th century, it was initially part of the St Mary Magdalen Hospital, serving as a chapel for lepers and later for blind priests.

Aldborough Hall, North Yorkshire

Aldborough Hall, nestled in the picturesque village of Aldborough in North Yorkshire, England, is a testament to architectural evolution and historical significance. The origins of the hall can be traced back to the early 17th century

Studforth Hill Roman Amphitheatre and Motte and Bailey, Aldborough, North Yorkshire

Studforth Hill, a site of historical significance located near the village of Aldborough in North Yorkshire, England, is known for its association with Aldborough Castle. The motte is a testament to the area’s rich past, built upon the remnants of a former Roman amphitheatre.

St Michael and All Angels Church, Hubberholme

St Michael & All Angels Church, nestled in the serene setting of Hubberholme in North Yorkshire, is a historical gem dating back to the 12th century.

Earthworks at Paradigm Sharpening, Nelholme, Wensleydale

In the grounds of Paradigm Sharpening,  Nelholme, West Burton, on both sides of the roads are what looks like two natural amphitheatres, which may have been enhanced by the local people are used as a meeting place. I can’t find any research on this location, but it is of sufficient interest to record.

Carperby Market Cross, Wensleydale

The Carperby Market Cross is a historic monument located in the village of Carperby, Wensleydale, England.

Cobscar Smelting Mill Chimney, Redmire, Wensleydale

The tall chimney on the moor near Redmire is connected to the Cobscar Smelting Mill, which was part of the lead mining industry that once thrived in the area. The chimney served a crucial role in the smelting process by exhausting poisonous lead gases away from the mill.

Bowbridge Lane Late Bronze Age burial site, Catterick

The excavation on the northern side of Bowbridge Lane as part of the A1 expansion revealed a significant archaeological site, with features indicative of Late Bronze Age funerary practices.

St Martin’s Priory Richmond

St Martin’s Priory in Richmond, North Yorkshire, was a beacon of religious devotion and community life in medieval England. Founded around 1100, it was established as a cell of St. Mary’s Abbey in York, with the initial settlement consisting of nine or ten monks.

Richmond, North Yorkshire

Richmond, a market town in North Yorkshire, England, boasts a rich history that dates back to the Norman Conquest of England. Founded in 1071 by Alan Rufus, a Breton nobleman, on lands granted by William the Conqueror, Richmond originally bore the name Hindrelag.

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