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Scotts Dyke – Richmond

Scott’s Dyke, also known as Scots Dyke or Scots Dike, is a significant linear earthwork stretching approximately fourteen kilometres from the River Swale to the River Tees, this ancient structure is believed to date back to the period between the first century BC and the first century AD.

Roman Rig Defensive Works

The Roman Rig is a defensive dyke built to defend against attack from the south. It runs from Sheffield, past Templeborough and carries on almost to Doncaster. If this is a Brigantian dyke it would certainly add weight to Websters definition of the Roman border in the period.

Cleave Dyke Defensive System

The Cleave dyke system is several Dykes which combine to create a boundary of between 9 and 18 kilometres running north south to the west of Thirsk.

Tor Dyke

Tor Dyke appears to have been attributed to Venutius which dates it of the period AD 52 – 70. The presence of a legionary size marching camp a few miles to the southwest at Malham certainly indicates an active role in the Roman advance of AD 70. However, given the lack of published research so far a clear picture has yet to emerge.

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