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Celts through Roman Eyes

To the Romans, the Celts presented a terrifying sight because of their tall stature and their strange appearance.

Celtic Customs

An interesting legacy of Celtic culture is the custom of burying the dead in barrows surrounded by a square ditch. This was a uniquely British phenomenon.

Celtic Economy

Introduction Before the Roman’s entered Gaul, the Celtic tribes there were trading heavily among themselves and with related tribes in wider Europe, including Britain. The northern tribes were known to be more basic than their counterparts in the south. This is because the tribes in the south, even more in the south-east, had been trading …

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Basics of Celtic Life

The period before the Romans arrived in Britain is clouded by incomplete facts, conjecture and conflicting opinions. This is mainly due to the lack of recorded information available. The Celtic tribes of Britain did commit their history in written form as the Celtic language did not have any written form, only oral.

Background – The Celts

The Celts (Greek ‘Keltoi’) were an Indo-European people originating in the Alps. Their first known territory was in Central Europe around 1200 BC in the upper Danube, the Alps and parts of France and southern Germany.

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