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Studforth Hill Roman Amphitheatre and Motte and Bailey, Aldborough, North Yorkshire

Studforth Hill, a site of historical significance located near the village of Aldborough in North Yorkshire, England, is known for its association with Aldborough Castle. The motte is a testament to the area’s rich past, built upon the remnants of a former Roman amphitheatre.

Motte and Bailey – Northallerton

The motte and bailey in Northallerton hold a significant place in English history, being a prime example of early medieval fortifications in the country. The site is known to have been the location of a bishop’s palace, serving as a testament to the ecclesiastical power and influence in the region.

Barwick in Elmet, West Yorkshire

Barwick-in-Elmet, a village steeped in history, traces its origins back to the Iron Age, as evidenced by the ancient fortifications on Hall Tower Hill. This site, which later served as the foundation for a Norman motte-and-bailey castle, is a testament to the village’s long-standing strategic importance. The name ‘Barwick’ itself is derived from Old English, …

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