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Malham Roman Camp, North Yorkshire

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← North YorkshireSite Details: Malham, in old English, means ‘the settlement in the gravelly place’, and they certainly knew what they were talking about. The village lies on the Craven district of Yorkshire, just inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park, an area of such outstanding beauty that, even in this outstandingly beautiful county it is …

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Catterick Roman Marching Camp

Discovered only recently by air survey and geophysics, this camp lies on the alluvial plain of the River Swale, on the south bank of the river just north east of Catterick racecourse. The camp lies some 350m to the west of Dere Street.

Troutback Roman Camps

At Troutbeck are three Roman marching camps and a small fort. This could be either a training camp or signs of three campaigns and a later fort.

Rey Cross Roman Marching Camp

Rey Cross is one of the largest marching camps known in Britain, it is large enough to hold more thasn two legions (and therefore did) and has been dated to c. 71 A.D.

Malham Roman Marching Camp

← North YorkshireSite Details: Around 70 AD Cerialis the new Governer of Britain ordered two of his legions advance on the Brigantes of Yorkshire. From the South west (North Wales?) came the XX legion commanded by Agricola. Their mission was to meet the IX legion at Stanwick to attack King Venutius. Was this legionary marching …

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