Monmouth’s Kings of Britain

Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Kings of Britain

 These are semi-legendary kings of whom some can be identified with historical personalities.





Brutus 23 yrs
Locrinus 10 yrs Son of Brutus Gwendolen
Gwendolen 15 yrs Widow of Locrinus
Maddan 40 yrs Son of L + G
Mempricius 20 yrs Son of Mempricius
Ebraucus 39 yrs Son of Maddan 20 wives
Brutus Greenshield 12 yrs Son of Ebraucus
Leil 25 years Son of Brutus G
Rud Hud Hudibras 39 yrs Son of Leil
Bladud 20 yrs Son of RHH
Leir (King Lear) 60 yrs Son of Bladud
Cordelia 5 yrs Daughter of Leir
Marganus I + Cunedagius 2 yrs jointly then C 33 yrs Sons of Goneril + Regan
Rivallo Son of Cunedagius
Gurgustius Son of Rivallo
Sisillius I
Jago Nephew of G
Kimarcus Son of Sisillius I
Gorboduc Judon

Ferrex + Porrex

Disputed succession

Sons of Gorboduc

Civil war, 5 unnamed kings
Dunvallo Molmutius 40 yrs Son of Cloten, King of Cornwall
Belinus Fought bro, Brennius Son of DM
Gurguit Barbtruc Son of Belinus
Guithelin Marcia
Marcia Widow of Guithelin
Sisillius II Son of G + M
Kinarius Son of S II
Danius Bro of Kinarius
Morvidus Illeg son of Danius
Gorbonianus Eldest son of M
Archgallo Bro of Gorbonianus
Elidurus 5 yrs Bro of Archgallo
Archgallo 10 yrs Crown restored by E
Elidurus Dep by 2 youngest bros
Ingenius + Peredurus 7 yrs I died, P alone Sons of Morvidus
Elidurus Restored
? Son of Gorbonianus
Marganus II Son of Archgallo
Enniaunus 6 yrs dep Bro of M II
Idvallo Son of Ingenius
Runo Son of Peredurus
Gerennus Son of Elidurus
Catellus Son of Gerennus
Fulgenius Son of Cherin
Edadus Bro of Fulgenius
Andragius Bro of Edadus
Urianus Son of Andragius
Sisillius III
Archmail Bro of Beldgabred
Digueillis Son of Capoir
Heli 40 yrs Son of D
Lud Son of Heli
Cassivelaunu(s) (hist Caswallon) C 55 BC Bro of Lud
Tenvantius (hist Tasciovanus) Son of Lud
Cymbeline (hist Cunobelinus) 10 yrs + Son of Tenvantius
Guiderius Son of Cymbeline
Arviragus Bro of G
Marius Son of A
Coilus Son of M
Lucius – AD 156 Son of Coilus


C 150 yrs

Asclepiodotus Elected by the people Duke of Cornwall
Coel ‘Old King Cole’ (hist Coel Hen Godhebog) Killed A Duke of Kaecolim (Colchester)
Constantius Equated with Roman Emperor C I Helen, daughter of Coel
Constantine I RE C the Great Son of Constantius
Octavius Usurper Duke of the Gewissei
Trahern Bro of Coel
Octavius Regained throne
Maximianus Son of Ioelinus, son of Coel Dau of Octavius
Gracianus Freedman, seized power when M died
Constantine II Invited to be king Bro of Aldroenus king of Brittany
Constans Son of C II
Vortigern (hist) Usurped
Vortimer Son of Vortigern
Vortigern Restored
Aurelius Ambrosius Dep V Son of C II
Uther Pendragon Bro of AA
Arthur D 542 Son of Uther
Constantine III A’s cousin; Son of Cador, Duke of Cornwall
Aurelius Conanus 3 yrs Nephew of C III
Malgo (hist K Maelgwn Gwynedd) Died c 550
3 unnamed kings
Cadvan (hist Cadfan ab Iago of Gwynedd) 616-c25
Cadwallo (hist Cadwallon) C 625-33

Geoffrey says 48 yrs

Son of Cadvan
Cadwallader (hist Cadwaladr Fendigaid) 654-64 Son of Cadwallon
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    Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Kings of Britain   These semi-legendary kings of whom some can be identified with historical personalities. Name Reign Family S
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