Live Moor, Whorlton, North Yorkshire

Live Moor – Whorlton – North Yorkshire Moors

“Whorlton, Live Moor, (NZ 496012) A previously unrecorded promontory fort was identified by D. Smith on air photographs and later surveyed by him and G. W. Goodall. A single rampart with external ditch extends across the west-facing spur of Live Moor to enclose an area of approximately 2 acres known as Knolls End. Where best preverved the rampart is 7.5 m wide and 2.3 m high externally and 0.5 m internally, while the ditch is up to 1.5 m wide and 0.6 m deep with a fragmentory counter scarp bank. The work has been mutilated by quarrying and associated trackways, but a gap in the rampart and ditch at NZ 49640126 probably represents an original entrance.” YAJ Vol 51, 1979. P.3.

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