Scoles Coppice, South Yorkshire

Scoles Coppice

Little is known about the camp at Scholes Coppice, but it’s small size and proximity to Roman Rig mean it could well have been used as a patrol fort for the Roman Rig defense.

This is the 1850’s os map showing Scoles Coppice camp, the Roman Rig dyke runs a few hundred meters of the camp.


Pictures of Scoles Coppice rampart, taken from the ditch.

“Scholes Wood, hill-slope fort. This is an oval site of about 1 acre, It is protected by a bank and ditch and has an original entrance at the NE. The main bank rises 3ft. above the interior. The site is overlooked by higher ground NE, W and S. Date, c. 1st century BC – 1st century AD. : but some believe it is not prehistoric” Guide to Prehistoric England, Nicholas Thonas, 1960.

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