Kirklington Tumulus, North Yorkshire

Kirklington Tumulus

“Prehistoric vessels dug out of the mound at Stapely Hill, Kirklington, in 1903. Fragments of several pottery urns of the Bronze Age, C. 1,000 B.C., one containing cremated human bones” Description and photo’s from Kirklington Church.

“SE 326828 S. White reports that a polished flint axe was found by Mrs J. Fothergill in 1976. The axe is in perfect condition with a cream patination, 14 cm long, 4.4 cm thick and 6 cm wide at the blade. It is of red coastal flint. An examination of the field in November 1977 produced no further finds. In the possession of the finder.” YAS Vol 50, 1978, P.8.

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