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Born in the year 9 at Reate, north of Rome, Vespasian was the son of a tax collector, Flavius Sabinus and his wife, Vespasia Polla. He joined the military and achieved the rank of legionary commander, serving under Claudius during the invasion of Britain in 43AD.

Julius Caesar

Ask anyone to name a famous Roman character, and the name of Julius Caesar is sure to be the most popular answer. Although he failed twice to conquer Britain, he still became an icon of Rome. So how did this man manage to become a legend?

Cerialis Petillius

Quintus Petillius Cerialis Caesius Rufus was the son-in-law of Vespasian Cerialis and became Governor of Britain in AD.71; his instructions were plainly to move the conquest forward, and he brought with him a new legion, II Adiutrix, which had recently been recruited from members of the fleet at Ravenna.

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