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Guide – Getting Started

How to research an ancient site Introduction The first step in researching any site, is to understand what is already known about it, many sites have had previous archaeological research, often there are air photographs or even excavation reports. Clearly it makes sense to understand as much as possible about a site before going on …

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Guide, Introduction

A Guide to DIY archaeology Introduction Background – Man’s impact on the landscape For thousands of years men and women have fashioned the landscape according to their needs. Through the processes of farming, industrial development and related activities the successive occupying people have left their own unique mark. Initially, the geology of an area, the …

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Heads at St Michael, Kirklington

An analysis of head carvings in a local area In many churches throughout England there are carvings of possible pagan origin, others, whilst appearing to have been carved in a clearly Christian time, seem to recall pagan themes. This initial research report looks at one particular set of carvings at the Church of St Michael, …

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Timeline 60BC – 138AD

Roman/Celtic Time Line The Celts were the dominant force in western Europe in the mid to late Iron Age, reaching a peak during the mid 1st millenium BC. In fact it was the sack of Rome by the Celts which stimulated the Romans to re-fortify and ultimately become the dominant military force in Europe for …

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Celtic Heads

“Celtic” carved heads are found throughout the areas of Europe once dominated by those peoples Caesar called Celts, in the area dominated by the Iron Age Brigantes tribe (United Kingdom) more than 2000 carved heads have been identified which are thought to be of ancient origin, although the portability of many head carvings means that …

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