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Vitrified Forts Distribution

Georgraphic Distribution One of the great mysteries of classical archaeology is the spartan worldwide distribution of vitrified forts with the exception of Scotland.. Scotland There are at least 50 such forts throughout Scotland. Among the most well-known are Dunnideer, Craig Phadraig (near Inverness), Abernathy (near Perth), Dun Lagaidh (in Ross), Cromarty, Arka-Unskel, Eilean na Goar, …

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Why Vitrify a Fort?

Why was it done and by whom? Practical reasons? Originally it was thought that the forts had become vitrified due to an enemy attack. A theory proposed by Childe in the 1930 thought it was that it was invaders, not the builders, who were assaulting the forts and then setting fire to the walls with …

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How to Vitrify a Fort

Vitrification of Hill Forts The Vitrification process Vitrification as seen in hillforts is where the surface of the rampart has been heated to temperature that the stone has melted and bonded with its neighboring stone. In some cases forming a glassy surface. The theoretical and limited practical attempts to recreate vitrification have largely been inconclusive, …

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Classification of Vitrified Forts

Exploration of vitrified fort classification Currently, there is a single grouping of vitrified forts, it is our contention that in reality only a few forts should be classified as such, and that analysis would be helped if this classification was further refined. In order to perform better asnalysis of vitrified forts, it will be neccesary …

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Vitrified Forts Gazeteer

INVENTORY OF THE FORTS VITRIFY (updated August 2000) by Roland Comte Translated from the original French version by an Internet engine – sorry! – SCOTLAND (10 sites) 1.1. Year Cnap (arran Iles) (source: site internet of the arran Iles);. 1.2. Barry Hill (Allyth, Perthshire) (” All that remains of this vitrified strong are has massive …

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Mystery of Vitrified Forts

The Mystery of Vitrified Hillforts by Roland Comte It was during a trip to.Scotland, in the Summer of 1997, that I first heard of vitrified hillforts. It was near Urqhart Castle, south of Inverness. As ancient monuments close early in that country, I could only see from a distance that impressive ruined fortress overlooking the …

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