Scoles Coppice Fort

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Little is known about the camp at Scholes Coppice, but it's small size and proximity to Roman Rig mean it could well have been used as a patrol fort for the Roman Rig defence.

This is the 1850's os map showing Scoles Coppice camp, the Roman Rig dyke runs a few hundred meters of the camp.


Pictures of Scoles Coppice rampart, taken from the ditch.

"Scholes Wood, hill-slope fort. This is an oval site of about 1 acre, It is protected by a bank and ditch and has an original entrance at the NE. The main bank rises 3ft. above the interior. The site is overlooked by higher ground NE, W and S. Date, c. 1st century BC - 1st century AD. : but some believe it is not prehistoric" Guide to Prehistoric England, Nicholas Thonas, 1960.

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