Hutton Moor Henge

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Hutton Moor Henge, Photo by Ray Selkirk

Hutton Moor.
Access to this henge is awkward: the great executioners blade of the A1M chops the landscape in half: its difficult to get a feeling for the landscape and even more difficult to feel how this henge interacts with the others: once again we butcher our heritage and call it progress.
But persist and you will eventually find the access lane squeezed between the great scar of the motorway and the less dominant but equally speedy A61.
Walk down the track and the ancient landscape begins to reveal itself. Once again, as at Cana, the Henge is positioned to take advantage of a natural rise. The henge appears repressed as it is positioned up against a more modern square of woodland, and it takes some imagination to remove that and see the location for the open and elevated position it really is.
The henge is actually in not bad condition: its grassy and doesn’t appear to have been ploughed a great deal in recent years. The banks and ditches are lower than they should be but it’s visible, and compared to the others around it thats a bonus.
The area is again dotted with known barrows and a few that are clear suspects. This is another place sacred to our ancestors and a mystery to us, but even so the peace and the solitude are, in our busy world, to be respected.
Text and other images supplied with thanks by YAAMAPPING.

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