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Chapter 8 – The Early Bronze Age and Beyond

Chapter 8: The Early Bronze Age and Beyond The Early Bronze Age spans from about 2,200 BC to 1600 BC and was another period of change. It was during this time that there was the first widespread use of metals. Whilst there is certainly evidence of continued ritual use of the henges into and beyond …

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Chapter 7 – The Importance of Trade

What was so special about The Sacred Vale and Thornborough in particular, that meant this enormous monument complex had to be created? This is in no way a typical landscape for the time – nowhere else in Britain does a complex exist such as it does in The Sacred Vale.

Chapter 6 – The Other Monuments of the Sacred Vale

Except for the henge alignment at Thornborough, very little is known about the other monuments within the Sacred Vale.

Chapter 5 – The Later Neolithic Explosion

The one thousand years between 3,000 and 2,000 BC saw the Vale of Mowbray’s most significant period of development. It is at this time that the area between Boroughbridge and Catterick became the Sacred Vale, a premier ritual landscape, with Thornborough as its heart.

Chapter 4 – The early development of The Sacred Vale

The story of the Sacred Vale begins to the best of our knowledge at Thornborough and starts in the early Neolithic period, from 4,000 BC to 3,000 BC.

Chapter 2 – The Vale of Mowbray and its henges

This is the second chapter of Henge Capital of Britain, in this chapter, I frame the ancient monument complex held within the Vale of Mowbray against other large monument complexes.

Henge Capital of Britain

This is the cover page for the book, Henge Capital of Britain, written by George. It reviews the larger henges in the UK and proposes that Thornborough is worthy of greater consideration when it comes to our ideas of which ancient places of power have historic importance.

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