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Elslack Roman Fort

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← West YorkshireSite Details: Above images supplied with thanks by YAAMAPPINGSite GalleryGallery Empty

Bainbridge Roman Fort

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Particularly of note is the multiple defense ditches to the west, the extension of the entire fort to the east and the well defined entranceway to the south (other entrances are available)But the real stunner is the 2 interior shots: firstly the interior of the classic fort itself where we have a road coming in from the south entrance and going north, surrounded by at least 5 buildings, all with wall lines clearly defined.

Whitley Castle Roman Fort

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Those of you who are fans of Bernard Cornwell will know Whitley castle from his latest book: those of you who know their Roman stuff will know it as Epiacum Fort: and those who really know their stuff will know it’s the most complex set of defenses in the Roman world

Hardnott Roman Fort

An aerial photo of Hardknott Roman Fort in Cumbria, part of a site report on

Hardknott Roman Fort, laying strewn like a discarded child’s toy on the high mountain side, impossibly canted to the east and perched precariously on a rugged cliff edge. Known to its builders as Mediobogdum, the fortress is square, as opposed to the usual rectangular shape. It is 115m to a side, and we have the traditional four gates. These are even today over head height.

Malham Roman Camp, North Yorkshire

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← North YorkshireSite Details: Malham, in old English, means ‘the settlement in the gravelly place’, and they certainly knew what they were talking about. The village lies on the Craven district of Yorkshire, just inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park, an area of such outstanding beauty that, even in this outstandingly beautiful county it is …

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Piercebridge Roman Fort and Vicus

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The fort at Piercebridge guarded access to the Main north-south crossing of the River Tees in Roman times, a sizeable vicus grew up on it’s eastern side towards the earliest crossing point.

Piercebridge Roman Bridge

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The Roman road from York to the North of England crossed the river Tees at this point. Portions of masonry that where interpreted as a Roman bridge were found in 1972 in advance of gravel quarrying.

Housesteads Roman Fort

Carved Heads from Housesteads Roman Fort

Eboracum, York

Eboracum was the Roman capital of Northern England

Catterick Roman Fort

The Fort at Catterick. It has an unusual shape due to multiple fort plans being overlayed on it. Originally it was a Roman fort, but a settlement soon sprang up outside the fort, which soon dominated the fort, and Catterick became one of the most important ‘Small towns’ in the north of Britain.

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