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Pope Gregory the Great

Pope Gregory the Great, born around 540 AD as Gregorius Anicius in Rome, was a pivotal figure in the early medieval church, ascending to the papacy in 590 AD


Emperor Hadrian, born as Publius Aelius Hadrianus in 76 CE, was a Roman emperor renowned for his substantial contributions to the architectural and cultural heritage of the Roman Empire.


Suetonius wrote of him:

He was very handsome and most graceful at all stages of his life, although he cared nothing for any sort of refinery. He was so uninterested in how his hair was dressed that he would set several barbers to work at once in a hurry, and he would have his beard clipped at one time and shaved at another, and while the barbers were working he would read or even write something.


Caratacus was highly influenced by the Druids, and both he and his brother Togodumnus were among the leading lights of the British anti-Roman faction, supported by the Druidical order.

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