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Wincobank, South Yorkshire

Wincobank – Sheffield 1903 OS map of Wincobank Location Wincobank (W.R.), Hillfort (SK/378910) 2.5 miles NE of center of Sheffield. Finds in Sheffield Museum. Description “This is an oval fort with an internal area of 2.5 acres. A bank, ditch and counterscarp bank are continuous around it except on the N side where ditch and …

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Castercliff, Lancashire

Castercliff Aerial view of Castercliff Directions. 0/S 1:50,000 series map 103 ref. 885384. Leave Nelson on the A6068 towards Colne, and turn right after passing under the railway bridge at Colne station. Follow this out of the town, up the steep hill until the gradient eases, and the hillfort is on the right at a …

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Almondbury, West Yorkshire

The Day Castle Hill Burned Down Why was the Iron Age hill fort razed to the ground and abandoned? View of Castle Hill, Almondbury, as it looks today with the Victorian tower on the top. Also Varley plan of Almondbury. Underneath these medieval earthworks is a series of earlier defenses which dates back to the …

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Castle Dykes, North Stainley

Castle Dykes – North Stainley, Ripon, North Yorkshire This earthwork was partially excavated in 1870, these revealed the foundations for a Roman villa of obvious opulence. It’s final roman owners were beleived to have suffered a grisly death as the villa burnt around them. It is likely that future excavations will reveal that the villa …

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Timeline 60BC – 138AD

Roman/Celtic Time Line The Celts were the dominant force in western Europe in the mid to late Iron Age, reaching a peak during the mid 1st millenium BC. In fact it was the sack of Rome by the Celts which stimulated the Romans to re-fortify and ultimately become the dominant military force in Europe for …

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