Category: Archaeology

Guide – LOS Analysis

Line of site analysis The purpose of using line of site analysis is to better understand the sites relationships with other locations, to identify possible trade and communications routes, and the location of other possible sites of interest, as well as providing an element of “evidence by association”. For example, a church on a possible …

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Guide – Getting Started

How to research an ancient site Introduction The first step in researching any site, is to understand what is already known about it, many sites have had previous archaeological research, often there are air photographs or even excavation reports. Clearly it makes sense to understand as much as possible about a site before going on …

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Guide, Introduction

A Guide to DIY archaeology Introduction Background – Man’s impact on the landscape For thousands of years men and women have fashioned the landscape according to their needs. Through the processes of farming, industrial development and related activities the successive occupying people have left their own unique mark. Initially, the geology of an area, the …

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