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  • Some of the most interesting stull happened in that period as far as I’m concerned, the building of the great henge complex in the veil of mowbray and beyond, linear alignments covering vast distances, many of the remains we are only just starting to find, such as the wood henge found at Catterick recently. Then later more linear alignments of…Read more

    • As far back as you can go, 8000 years back to 4000 years is fine, would like to get as much info as possible. We mainly will be following from 100BC to 70AD, but still would like to have a bunch of information from 4000 years on up and if that is your forte, great! πŸ™‚

  • I tend to focus on about 4,000 BC to 100AD, I’m particularly interested in the Iron Age

  • Well 50,000 years ago we had sabre toothed tigres, mammoths and Oryx I thin is the name you are looking for.

    It’s a magical place Brigantia, very little is known prior to about 6-8,000 years ago due to lack of artifacts though we are starting to get a picture of pre-farming life.

  • George,thank you! First ANYTHING will help and YES theories, legends, stories even the MAGICAL ALL this. The period would be from the very beginnings 50,000 BC to when Rome first invaded around 60AD. Our main story would be from 100BC to the time Rome invaded. But religious rituals, henges, processions, the way people lived, ate, I need the name…Read more

  • Hi, how can you upload photos on here ? I have many as i live close by Prehistoric Monuments. Thanks.

    • Would this be for a new site, not already listed, or for an existing site?

      • i could create one under ” North York Moors Prehistoric ” if that is ok ?

        • Yes you can use the “Add Site” tab under recent posts. When you are in there the “Add Media” is how you upload and insert photo’s.

          • I’ve added a photo gallery to this group as an experiment.

          • i have tried under resent post and clicked on Add Site and Error come up.

            • Thats strange, I just tested it and it seemed to work, though the add media button did not work, I’ll look into that. What error did you get?

            • I think for now it may be better to use the main post editor, On the top menu bar there is the “+New” dropdown menu, in here you will find the post option, you could check that out, I will write a help file to make it easier