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Hello, I am following all the Brigantes tribes since at least a decade.  Also those in the Alps (Brigantium/Bregenz, Brigantium lake, Brigantium/la Coruña, Galicia, Spain, Bragance, Brigantes sister tribe in Ireland and all the Celts anyway, my father was a Celt.  They came from N. Italy, Monte Rosa, there is an Alp called Alp Briga, etc…  I have always been persuaded that we would find even more about the importance of the Brigantes tribes and their ancienty and am glad to see you have Neolithic etc covered.   I like to look at toponymy and linguistics as well, as the name Alpen (Alps) is the same as in England and that Berg (Gebirge) could as well comme from Brigantes/Brig. …  WBR, Claudia P.S. I suspect the Pianas might have been a smaller tribe associated to the Brigantes – like a small subtribe – due to the Pinna-Brigante (cheese export to the USA) in Sardinia, where there are several Pianas.  Those Pianas came from Brigantium in Galice via Cagliari in Sardinia to Vintimiglia and from there up to Valsesia/Valstrona in Piedmont (surely by the valley’s access from Genoa, where one can find many Pianas)



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