People who join this site will be able to participate in Chat, Groups, forums etc, and comment on posts. In these interactions we expect a certain level of good manners, such as no swearing, treating everyone with respect and avoiding getting into arguments if someone disagrees with your point of view. The truth is that there can be many interpretations of the information we have available and therefore no one theory should really be regarded as the “truth”, though it is often useful to accept certain truths in order to be able to move onto more advanced concepts.

Swearing is not allowed as this is a public site open to all ages.

By all means post your opinions, but be prepared to respectfully disagree with others that hold differing opinions.

Every page here is enabled for comments and the concept is that we can use those comments to add to the research found so far and to share your opinions about the research so far and its meaning.

You are also able to add details of new sites and research, this will be approved by admin, who will make sure it makes sense and ensure it has the correct tags etc. They will also set up the comments system and will ensure that comments are held within a suitable group.

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