Neolithic and Bronze Age Brigantia

  • Neolithic Rock Art ( North York Moors )
    Prehistoric rock art- Facts Myths and Sacred Hills. 
    Ever Wonder while out on a Sunday stroll in the country side and coming across an old rock : ”oh no whats that something scribbled in that rock you start thinking do i need an eye test. 
    Rock art do exits and was in use as early as the Mesolithic  er…Read more

    • For all my Grid Reference i give are from Ordnance Survey outdoor leisure 26 map ”North York Moors” western area. 

      At SE48090 98917 this Neolithic Pointer lay’s close to a Bronze Age Field System. I have explored this area several times and find that much more time is needed as it is a vast area called Near Moor and was due in pre-history…Read more

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