Greta Bridge Roman Fort, County Durham

Southern rampart ditches.

Southern Rampart ditches.

Earthwork outside of the main fort are by the river Greta.

“The position at Greta Bridge presents many points of similarity with Bowes, but the rectangular area inclosed is 3 acres, and the earthworks are more perfect, espacially on the south, where there is a fine double vallum and ditch with well-marked entrance 25ft in width. The fort lies between the River Greta and the Tutta Beck, just south of their junction, while the Rom,an Road skirts its northern edge, of which vestiges still remain in the gardens of the houses there. The eastern side descends in a double scarp to the low, marshy bank of the Greta, while on the west, where the rampart has been lowered, the slope is more gentle towards the stream and the existing road occupies the place of the original ditch. The southern rampart, as at Bowes, shows a core of stone.” From Victoria Histories 1912

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