Getting Started

Getting Started

This page holds the help information for members and those interested in joining. If you have any problems or questions that are not covered by this help page, please contact us.

Member Registration

The registration form comes up with an error when I try to submit it – This is usually because you have forgotten to answer one of the questions. Go back and make sure you have answered all of the questions. If all else fails we can add you as a member manually, just email us with your sign-up information.

Once you have registered, you will be sent an activation key via email, this should be immediate so do not forget to look in your spam folder for this as it sometimes gets put there. Click the link to activate your account.

Once you have activated your account, we will authorise you and you will be sent a welcome email, you can then log in. Authorisation may take a few hours depending on site admin availability.

Please note, it should take no more than 24 hours to authorise your account, if you have not heard from us, try logging in and if that fails contact us via email.

Logging in

The system is not accepting my username and password combination – There can be a number of reasons for this, if you are a new user then it may be that you have chosen a username with spaces in it. Our system will take these spaces out, so you could try the same. If you have been able to log in successfully before then the system may be being updated, this takes about 20 mins, please have patience. If all else fails try resetting your password via the link in the login page. Note you can also sign in with your email address instead of your username.

Using the site


Brigantes Nation is structured around a special post type called Sites, each site is linked to our master maps and also has a map on the site page.  Each site also has a photo gallery as well as other sections holding information such as Site Visit Reports, Links, Site Details and Site News.

Once you have logged in you will see that you have the ability to add Links, Visit Reports, News Items and Upload images to each site. This is a simple click and fill in the details. All new entries to Brigantes Nation are held in the moderation queue until approved.

It’s also possible to create new sites, however this is really for more advanced users and there is a separate help page for adding new sites. Whilst the site creator is the only person who can edit a site itself by default, we can add other authors to the list for any site, so it is possible that you can become a site editor for a site where you have a lot of input.


Another type of document used in Brigantes Nation are reports, these can be of a few types – general Articles, Walking Guides etc. It’s possible to add a report and link this to a site to ensure that our website maintains the relationship between the two documents.


Finally we have a document type of Find, this also comes with a Map and image Gallery and these documents are intended to be linked to the site where the artefact was found.

The concept is to create a Site centric view of the research area – primarily Brigantia. This view has a hierarchy, if you visit the Brigantia site page you will see as well as a map showing all the sites we cover so far there is also a section called “Linked Documents”, These include reports linked to the top level Brigantia Page and the regions that cover Brigantia – North Yorkshire, Cumbria, West Yorkshire etc.

Navigating to on of the regions will show each of the individual sites linked to that region. Below this there may be sub-sites, finds and reports.

By structuring the site like this we hope to create an intuitive research framework that is easy to use and informative.

Similarly we have made it easy to add additional information to existing sites, from the site page you can upload images, add site notes and links with just a few clicks.


We do not intend fr this site to become an endless list of snaps or visit reports that add little to the overall research. For this reason we ask you to think carefully before adding information – does what you have add to the research that’s already there? If not then at best it would only duplicate what we already have and is likely to be rejected. Of course there’s always room for particularly good images, but we intend to keep duplications to a minimum, since they add no value.

Remember, if you just want to post an update for other site members, the forum is the best place to do that.


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