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St Martin’s Priory Richmond

St Martin’s Priory in Richmond, North Yorkshire, was a beacon of religious devotion and community life in medieval England. Founded around 1100, it was established as a cell of St. Mary’s Abbey in York, with the initial settlement consisting of nine or ten monks.

The walled gardens of Brigantia

This report introduces walled gardens and the concept that they are an attempt to create a paradise on earth, in accordance with a long history of religious and spiritual thought that played a significant role in shaping our relationship with nature, and the design of high status estates.

St John the Baptist Church Kirby Wiske

St John the Baptist Church in Kirby Wiske, North Yorkshire, is a historical edifice with roots stretching back to the 12th century. This Grade II* listed parish church, as recognized by Historic England, showcases architectural additions from the 14th and 15th centuries, reflecting the evolving styles and ecclesiastical needs of the period.

Brigantia during the Dark Ages

Yorkshire’s history during the Dark Ages is a tapestry of cultural shifts and invasions, beginning with the departure of the Romans in the early 5th century. This period saw the region become a melting pot of Celtic Britons, and later, the Angles and Vikings, each leaving a distinct imprint on the cultural landscape.

Temple Lane Ritual Routeway

The presence of Temple Lane and Temple Hill near West Witton, along with the historical Penhill Preceptory and the Temple Folly, suggests a relationship with a tradition of pilgrimage to Penhill Preceptory, within the Christian period.

The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar, an order of warrior monks founded in the 12th century, had a significant presence in Yorkshire, England. They were known as formidable fighters during the Crusades and were recognized by their distinctive white mantles with a red cross.

Earthworks at Redmire

Redmire, a charming village nestled in the heart of North Yorkshire, England, boasts a rich tapestry of history that is as picturesque as its serene landscapes.

Marrick Priory

Marrick Priory, a historic gem nestled in the Yorkshire Dales, has a rich history that dates back to the 12th century.

All Saints Church Rudston

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All Saints Church in Rudston sits in the grounds of the famous Rudston Standing Stone, this alone clearly points to the area being of ritual use thousands of years before this Norman church was erected.

St Cuthberts Church Forcett

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Whilst the current church lacks much in the way of indications of ancient origins, it’s entry porch boasts a wealth of 12c carved stones and is definitely worth a visit.

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